Homemade bread

Homemade bread

I love homemade bread, you just can’t beat it – especially with butter on while its still warm. Also, I find it sits better in my tummy – shop bread seems to create a gas baby bump!
Anyway, this is my new fave bread recipe, the Paul Hollywood milk loaf recipe as given to me by my mam, it’s so delicious and easy to make – I’m just in love with it!
I would definitely recommend looking this one up and baking it – it’s not lasting long in our house

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For the love of tweed

So you all new what a tweed obsessive I am, well here’s two new tweed things to got in my etsy shop! Or for craft fair, whichever, I’m slowly clearing through a heap of vintage tweed turning it into children sized coats, capes and bags in the hope they’ll get snapped up at these Christmas fairs I’m off to, first one in a couple of weeks….scary biscuits! Anyway, pics below andhere’s


a link 


Pint sized messenger bag – just going to add a wee navy bow I think, adapted from the book of little things to sew by oliver and s




Toddler coat – totes sweet! Made using a vintage pattern which had been butchered by its previous owner – seriously, I think they tore it out!


listening to: foo fighters ‘everlong’ on one best of album – cant remember its actual name – and crushing on Dave Groll

cooking: mushroom risotto, apple cake





a link


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Life’s but a shadow

Today I was reminded of how quickly life can be taken away. My gramps had a massive stroke this morning and passed away at lunchtime, as a nurse I have been privliged to nurse many people through their last moments but it didn’t make the shock any easier to deal with, life is short and over so quickly and so precious, I found a Shakespeare quote which sums it uup 


tomorrow and tommorrow and tomorrow,

creeps in this petty pace from day to day

to the last syllable of recorded time; and all our yesterday’s have lighted ffools

 the way to dusty death. Out, out brief candle!


lifes but a walking shadow.     From Macbeth act v scene v

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The Harris tweed waistcoat

The Harris tweed waistcoat

I’m a bit of a tweed junkie and bought this Harris tweed a little while ago direct from the weaver to make a waistcoat for the craft fair I’ll be going to – this one is age 3, it was a bit of a faff, I shouldn’t have made it at 10 at night and ended up stitching a piece on the wrong way round, but after a lot of fiddling, here it is! Fully lined as well on a poly satin and complete with Harris tweed buttons, pretty good for a first attempt! I put it on etsy meantime because you never know, it might sell before the craft fair.
And after the other days wobble, I slept on it, sorted out a new, better reference the next day et voila! Things are back on track and I’m not drowning myself in chocolate anymore – well not too much!

Cooking: spaghetti bolognaise, choc chip cookies

Listening to: Bruno Mars ‘Heaven’

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Sadness, disappointment and uncertainty

Lately, life doesn’t seem to have been going so well, my grandad is sick with leukaemia and is now terminally ill, I got offered a new job at the hospital and my reference has declined saying I left in 2009 – lies, I left in 2011, leaving me unsure about what’s happening job wise, someone requested a partial re fund on eBay after I sold them some hoover bags (for my mum, I miss read the amount in the packet) and they actually worked out the price per bag – yes some people are just that sad- and requested a £3.00 refund via eBay’s complaints bit, I’ve actually already spent the cash as we were skint and there was very little food in the house.

so, now I feel emotionally drained and exhausted…..why does life never go to plan?

obviously, these things are quite trivial in relation to lots of things occurring worldwide but, just one after another, it’s too much

cooking: fish fingers and chips (from a packet, I need comfort) hot chocolate and mmarshmallows 

listening to: silence – the kids are asleep!

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Lace crowns

Lace crowns

Oooft, I’ve been away from this blog for a wee while (maybe a week, 10 days?) I’ve actually been pretty busy. Got a new job – back doing the nursing, discovered that my registration hadn’t expired and decided I did miss it (and the salary) so I’d apply for a few things, anyhoo, I now have a job – staff nurse Craig at your service (again!)
And the kids were sick, proper vomming through the night sick while my husband slept peacefully on the couch – just to let me get on with it he said hmmmm
But, in between interviews and mountains of washing, I discovered making lace crowns – there’s something blissful about painting gold paint onto scraps of lace while watching the telly, it’s not too mentally challenging, I don’t have to think about which way to sew it….lovely!
So, two of these adjustable (as in they have ribbon ties!) toddler size lace crowns are up on etsy (link below in case you want a look) might make one for me too to join in my daughters princess game, just cos y’know, it’s fun to be a child sometimes! 🙂

Etsy link : https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/164014870/adjustable-toddler-lace-crown?ref=shop_home_active

Listening to: Haim ‘the wire’ can’t wait to buy this album (proper girl crush)

Cooking: keema and rice, jam tarts

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Alexander Henry and the cambie dress

Alexander Henry and the cambie dress

A little while ago, I treated myself to the sewaholic cambie dress after seeing the pattern pop up on quite a few blogs (dollyclacket, did you make that? And the sewaholic blog) anyway, I don’t really have any fabric to make it but THEN, sew magazine came through the door with Halloween fabrics in it, including this gorge pin up girl fabric by Alexander Henry. I scoured the Internet like a crazy woman and in the end ordered it from the u.s. I’m a bit of a sucker for a pin up girl – so glamorous and beautiful and now I’ve just cut my first cambie dress – I’ll start sewing tomorrow 🙂

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Motorbike vs chrimbo

Motorbike vs chrimbo

I wasn’t really thinking very much about Christmas until today, me and the hubster were talking about putting tyres on his motorbike, which will cost about twice the price of 2 car tyres and he was saying “oh we can just use the money in our savings” “but that’s for Christmas” I semi wailed. I love Christmas – all of it but we have to save to buy little pressies for our large families plus food and all the usual stuff, hubby always works Christmas with being in hotels – I dream of a family Christmas.
Anyway, after our discussion, I was rummaging through my airing cupboard and came across one of these from craft fairs last year, they sold pretty well, so it’s on etsy now – need to start saving for those sodding tyres

Cooking: fish and broccoli gratin (hairy bikers recipe) wedges and birds lovely yellow custard

Listening to: Huw Stephens on bbc radio1

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Something Every Parent Needs to Read.

So true and important, makes me glad my kids don’t have a ds and love books ❤

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The ballet bib and general freehand embroidery type stuff

The ballet bib and general freehand embroidery type stuff

I totally love making bibs, they’re pretty simple and a great way to try out little pieces of embroidery, they also seem to be popular on good old facebook – I suppose it’s cos they’re not too expensive. Anyhow, I find it a good medium to try out little pieces of freehand embroidery and bits of words to make something totally unique as a baby gift…
This one came about as I couldn’t get the song ‘hold me closer tiny dancer’ out of my head, m sure that’s not the title of it, you might know it, it was a slightly irritating dance track a few years ago, anyway the bib is a bit of a play on this song, music is definitely a big inspiration, think of all the clever song writers out there! And I just love a bit of freehand embroidery, yo don’t have to be too neat, although I need to invest in an embroidery foot for my sewing machine – it’s a bit more tricky doing it with a normal foot.
Anyway, this bad boy is now for sale on etsy as I have no baby to put it on – link below!

Listening to: disney’s little mermaid ‘under the sea’

Cooking : homemade pizza

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