So this weekend I did my first winter craft fair with mixed feelings as the summer one I did was terrible.
Anyway, I turned up, set up, borrowed a rail from my friend Susie who makes tweed bags and hung out all my baby clothes and bits and pieces. Footfall was average – I’d didn’t help that the lovely venue we were in had put out massive signs for a craft fair in a couple of weeks (they could have waited a day or two!) and sales were not exactly coming in on Saturday,
However, today was much improved – people came back from yesterday, I got some custom orders, I sold stuff! And I have people coming to see me at my next craft fair to buy things (hooray!)
So, happy happy, the only downside is now I have to do crazy stitching to make more stuff for the next one!

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Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes

So last night, I finished off these bad boys – I’m really pleased with them, I wanted to make a baby shoe that looked like a ballet shoe so these are made in pink herringbone tweed with satin straps and lined in pink satin.
Making baby shoes is a bit fiddly but not really that difficult and is a great way to use up small pieces of fabric as they don’t really need that much – I forgot how wee baby feet are and had to measure them up on clay prints of my sons feet! Anyway, as with all my stuff, there in my etsy shop awaiting my upcoming craft fair (one week today!)

Cooking: beef casserole (it’s a chilly day here)

Listening: Brave film – I’m watching it with the kids, it’s one of our faves!

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Etsy versus folksy

Etsy versus folksy

Here in the uk we have a sort of version of etsy called folksy. Anyway, I’ve had an etsy shop for about a year and have properly run it since late April. Since then, sales have slowly (but steadily grown) including commissions which have been arranged privately to save on extra fees.
I decided to have a bit of a trial to see if I could increase sales by using folksy as well, it’s pretty similar to etsy but only carries uk sellers, the only thing is, you can’t really ‘tag’ your products in the same way so people can search for them. This seems to make a real difference to the number of views you have.
On etsy I average 20 plus views a day on folksy, zero for a week…kinda speaks for itself really!
No more folksy!

Cooking: homemade bread (see last post) and choc chip cookies

Listening to: Gabrielle ‘come as you are’

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Homemade bread

Homemade bread

I love homemade bread, you just can’t beat it – especially with butter on while its still warm. Also, I find it sits better in my tummy – shop bread seems to create a gas baby bump!
Anyway, this is my new fave bread recipe, the Paul Hollywood milk loaf recipe as given to me by my mam, it’s so delicious and easy to make – I’m just in love with it!
I would definitely recommend looking this one up and baking it – it’s not lasting long in our house

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For the love of tweed

So you all new what a tweed obsessive I am, well here’s two new tweed things to got in my etsy shop! Or for craft fair, whichever, I’m slowly clearing through a heap of vintage tweed turning it into children sized coats, capes and bags in the hope they’ll get snapped up at these Christmas fairs I’m off to, first one in a couple of weeks….scary biscuits! Anyway, pics below andhere’s 

a link 


Pint sized messenger bag – just going to add a wee navy bow I think, adapted from the book of little things to sew by oliver and s




Toddler coat – totes sweet! Made using a vintage pattern which had been butchered by its previous owner – seriously, I think they tore it out!


listening to: foo fighters ‘everlong’ on one best of album – cant remember its actual name – and crushing on Dave Groll

cooking: mushroom risotto, apple cake





a link


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Life’s but a shadow

Today I was reminded of how quickly life can be taken away. My gramps had a massive stroke this morning and passed away at lunchtime, as a nurse I have been privliged to nurse many people through their last moments but it didn’t make the shock any easier to deal with, life is short and over so quickly and so precious, I found a Shakespeare quote which sums it uup 


tomorrow and tommorrow and tomorrow,

creeps in this petty pace from day to day

to the last syllable of recorded time; and all our yesterday’s have lighted ffools

 the way to dusty death. Out, out brief candle!


lifes but a walking shadow.     From Macbeth act v scene v

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The Harris tweed waistcoat

The Harris tweed waistcoat

I’m a bit of a tweed junkie and bought this Harris tweed a little while ago direct from the weaver to make a waistcoat for the craft fair I’ll be going to – this one is age 3, it was a bit of a faff, I shouldn’t have made it at 10 at night and ended up stitching a piece on the wrong way round, but after a lot of fiddling, here it is! Fully lined as well on a poly satin and complete with Harris tweed buttons, pretty good for a first attempt! I put it on etsy meantime because you never know, it might sell before the craft fair.
And after the other days wobble, I slept on it, sorted out a new, better reference the next day et voila! Things are back on track and I’m not drowning myself in chocolate anymore – well not too much!

Cooking: spaghetti bolognaise, choc chip cookies

Listening to: Bruno Mars ‘Heaven’

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