The (bad) church cake

The (bad)  church cake

Once at church, it was the ministers wife’s 50thbirthday, I was asked to make a cake (obvs not the one in the pic) it was chocolate covered in sugar roses and very pretty (it took a while)
Somehow, people then assumed that cake making was my thing – I made a couple of cakes for a friend for a nominal fee and she collected them when we were at church (including the one in the pic )
Anyway. The other week I got cornered and talked into making two cakes I didn’t really want to make, a thank you cake and a birthday cake- thank you cake was ok, birthday cake was picked up this morning and I think the lady was very disappointed – she asked me for a white buttercream outside with happy birthday written on it – which is exactly what I did, I think she just expected a lot more……

So I feel a bit bad, I know the cake will taste good the decoration, sh probably just expected it to be spectacular

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2 Responses to The (bad) church cake

  1. sophiebowns says:

    Ahh! How cute is this?

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