It’s been a while….

It's been a while....

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, Christmas came and went and was pretty busy – I didn’t really have time, I started a new job, I’ve been on a few nights out with friends – including last night where we met some lovely chaps from New Zealand.
Anyway, then I got caught up in making a wee top for myself and starting my New Years resolution to get fit – doing jillian michaels brutal exercise DVD – couldn’t walk for days!
I’ve also had several custom etsy orders this month and the stress of one as yet not arriving in the USA after 3 weeks -if anyone has any helpful information on this that would be good, the lady in question is demanding a refund – she got a polite but firm message asking her to wait the 6 weeks recommended by Royal Mail but I hope it arrives, could do without refunding her

Yeah, so, that’s it, my upcoming plans include making a dress for my friends wedding (yay!) and making a load of stuff for etsy and also (hopefully) the highland textile fair

Listening to: puddle of mudd ‘blurry’

Cooking: post night out bacon rolls plus chocolate (obvs not together!)

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